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Tiangay Kemokai

Tenacity. Integrity. Audacity. ("Tia")

Spoiler Alert: Tia Kemokai is the founder of Tiangay Kemokai Law, P.C.  TK Law was started organically - borne out of Ms. Kemokai's hardwork and tenacity.  She attributes her success to her brave, pioneering parents who traversed continents to ensure that she had every opportunity to pursue her dreams.  Ms. Kemokai continues to be grateful for the training and mentorship she has received and the invaluable relationships she has cultivated throughout her professional career. 

Ms. Kemokai is a gifted attorney.  During her tenure at McGeorge School of Law, she was on the Dean’s Honor Roll and held the most coveted positions: Editor-in-Chief of the Global Business & Development Law Journal, Member of the McGeorge Mock Trial Competition Team, and Student-member of the Kennedy Inn of Courts.  

Ms. Kemokai is legally ambidextrous because of her experience in both civil and criminal law.  Moreover, in a criminal law context, she has worked for both the prosecution and defense bars.  To illustrate, prior to graduating from law school, Ms. Kemokai clerked for the California Department of Justice in the Criminal Division - Appeals, Writs, and Trials.  After graduating from law school, she clerked for the International Criminal Tribunal of the Former Yugoslavia where she worked on the Radovan Karadzic trial, a high-profile genocide case. Post law school, Ms. Kemokai has also worked on capital cases and in the legal department at the Board of Parole Hearings.  

From her experience in international criminal law, she continues to harness her knowledge of restorative justice principles into various aspects of her practice.  She believes that restorative justice principles that have been successfully applied in matters of peace and war and life and death can be utilized to achieve healthy, diverse communities.  To that end, she provides a wide array of DEI services with a focus on restorative remediation, which is a phrase she coined to address the adverse impact that discrimination has on workplace environments and communities writ large.  

Ms. Kemokai's current practice areas include complex civil litigation, administrative law, DEI training, consultation, and restorative remediation, and appellate advocacy.  She collaborates with various law groups and firms to author briefs and legal documents.  In an administrative law context, she is an expert in cannabis law as it relates to administrative penalties incurred by unwitting homeowners for the alleged cultivation of cannabis on their property above the legal limit.  Before starting her own firm, Ms. Kemokai clerked for a premiere plaintiff firm in California.  She has taken those time-tested civil procedure stratagems and has combined it with her passion for advocacy to deliver superior legal services to her clients.

She pursues her passion for criminal law by teaching criminal procedure and criminal law as an Adjunct Professor at California State University of Sacramento.  Ms. Kemokai is also actively involved in the Sacramento legal community.  In 2019, Ms. Kemokai served on the Wiley Manuel Bar Association as the Parliamentarian, and she was the Chair of the 2019 Legal Fusion Gala.  She currently serves as a Legal Specialist on the 2020 Corona Virus Domestic Violence Team with a focus on restorative justice principles. 

In her free time, Ms. Kemokai empowers others through her public speaking engagements.  She has authored an inspirational book that will be released in late Summer 2021. 


U.S. District Ct., CD of CA

U.S. District Ct., ED of CA

U.S. District Ct., ND of CA

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